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Estate Planning

By establishing a clear strategy with our clients and implementing their Bespoke plan, we can often demonstrate to them that they will achieve their goal of financial independence earlier than perhaps anticipated. Often this will lead to discussions in relation to estate planning.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of your financial planning, and we can model the impact on Your Bespoke plan of gifting or creating trusts to effectively minimise the impact of Inheritance tax on one’s estate.

Advice will be co-ordinated with your Solicitor and Tax Advisers. Naturally the content of any Wills have an impact on our advice and will be included within the advice process.

Often the critical consideration is control of the funds and how to ensure the right money is in the right hands at the right time. Solutions may include:

  • Use of all available exemptions
  • Insurance cover to reduce the impact on your net estate
  • The transferring of assets to children, grandchildren or charity
  • Consideration to the treatment of all tax wrappers where funds are held
  • Inheritance Tax efficient investments

Your Chartered Financial Planner will be able to guide you through this complex area of planning and ensure your estate is managed in the most tax efficient manner possible.

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