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Metis Wealth have had the privilege to work with many great clients over the years who have benefited from our advice and solutions. Below are some of their testimonials.


I have known George for a number of years and he was selected to provide sound financial advice to a number of partners within the large international legal practice. When I moved firm I wanted to have the continuity of clear and balanced advice that he offered. He always makes himself available to deal with matters and his delivery is concise, friendly and focused. He adopts an open mind to creating a tailored financial plan which is important and takes care in offering products. His easy style makes it a pleasure to weigh up options with him and analyse the optimum way forward. For me and in the less than easy world of financial planning, having that understanding from a person like George is invaluable.

Partner, Osborne Clarke

I have a lot of time for George. His technical knowledge is excellent and with his guidance I have been able to build a pension pot in the relatively short period of eight years that should enable me to meet the life-time allowance with little further funding.

London Partner, US Law Firm

I really appreciate the personal service I receive and the fact they proactively discuss my options with me well in advance of the end of the tax year so informed choices can be made.

Partner, BLP

I have every confidence in the services of Metis Wealth.  They are responsive, personable and provide prompt, pragmatic advice in an area which can be complex and where it is critical to get it right.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Metis Wealth to others.

Partner, Elkington & Fife

I have always enjoyed an excellent service, which is thorough, prompt, and commercially focussed on getting the best investment returns for me. I have complete confidence in the advice that they give, knowing it is bespoke to meet my needs for future investments.

QC, 39 Essex Chambers

We have found George's advice to be clear, practical and full of common sense. He is excellent at making us look to a longer horizon and plan for the future, and is always completely transparent about costs. We feel safe in his hands!

QC, Brick Court/Mediator

When searching for an Independent Financial Advisor, trust was at the top of my list of criteria. With George Delaney at Metis Wealth, I have that trust. I have very quickly built up a strong working relationship with George and he is extremely good at providing all the necessary information and clearly explaining this to help me with the decision-making process. I would not hesitate to recommend George and Metis Wealth to friends and colleagues, indeed I have already done so on numerous occasions.

Senior Clerk at Wilberforce Chambers

I have been advised by Metis for three years, and hugely valued the time and care they have taken to shape my investment strategy, and then deliver a portfolio that meets my needs. They are professional, attentive, insightful and a pleasure to deal with.

CEO, Television production company

Since 2007 my wife and I have been fortunate to have had George Delaney as our financial adviser. He has been endlessly patient, courteous and resourceful in helping us navigate this jungle in a way that is straightforward and suits our personal preferences and needs. I recommend him highly.

QC, 20 Essex St

My family and I have benefitted from George's sound financial advice since 2006. He initially advised us on how to invest money left to us in a close relative's will. Since then, George has advised family members on a range of financial matters, buying property and managing care costs being just two areas. We have always welcomed his support and consideration and have always been happy with the comprehensive advice given.

Retired Head Teacher

George has been my financial adviser for almost 14 years and I have always found his advice to be clear and understandable particularly as the range of products available in the market appears to be ever more complex.  George and his team at Metis Wealth are responsive, thorough and well organised; their reports and correspondence are well written and comprehensive.  I have no hesitation in recommending George and his team to my colleagues and friends.

Partner, City Law Firm

My wife and I have been very satisfied with the service provided by Metis Wealth. George Delaney has steered us skilfully through the tricky process of transition from a full-time practice to a financially secure semi-retirement.


I have found George Delaney from Metis Wealth a pleasure to work with. He understood my circumstances and what I was trying to achieve very quickly and came back to me with the most suitable options. His patience and ability to explain often complicated information and paperwork in a nutshell is second to none.  I would commend him to anyone.

London Lawyer

I was recommended to George and his team at Metis Wealth and I would have no hesitation in doing the same for friends and colleagues. Coming from a  broadcasting and production background my knowledge of the financial and investment industry is sketchy at best and George managed to explain it with clarity and focus. Almost immediately there was an atmosphere of trust, which put my mind at ease with difficult and challenging decisions and I look forward to a long and productive association.

TV Producer

I have always felt a valued Metis Wealth customer and they have treated me as an individual understanding my circumstances. Metis has always replied to my requests in a timely fashion and I have regular face-to-face meetings with them at my convenience.

IT Specialist

I was one of the "founder clients" of Metis Wealth and they have been looking after my financial planning ever since. I have always found them to be friendly, professional and accommodating in every way. Engaging Metis Wealth was one of the best financial decisions I ever made. Metis Wealth have always provided professional, logical and sound advice presented in an "understandable" format. Not forgetting the fact that the financial performance of my investments has always been consistently good.


George Delaney has advised me in relation to my financial affairs for a number of years.  He has a real understanding of the pressures and uncertainties of practice at the Bar, and the fluctuations in income that self-employment can bring.  George is a pleasure to work with – efficient, reliable, very clear in his advice, and completely unpushy.  He keeps a constant eye on things, and gave me particularly valuable advice when I had time off work through ill health.  I have been happy with his guidance.

QC London

I am very happy with the services of Metis Wealth, which combines professionalism and rigour with a more personal service.  It is important for a financial advisor to build confidence and trust with a client, and in the investment products they offer.  I have this confidence and trust with George Delaney and Metis Wealth.

Retired HR Director

George Delaney has looked after my pension and other investments for many years and I had no hesitation in following him to Metis Wealth. I have always found his advice helpful, straightforward and independent.

Former City Law Firm Partner

As I move towards retirement it is comforting for us to be advised by someone who understands the nuances of the myriad of financial rules and regulations. I have found Gordon to be thorough and timely in his advice and have much appreciated this.

Area Leader, Global Technology Company

We are very grateful to Gordon Slocombe of Metis Wealth for his help in guiding us so expertly through the process of rationalising our financial holdings to take account of present and future family circumstances. He absorbed and analysed a great deal of information and his resulting report succinctly encapsulated everything from the big picture to the fine detail. It was most impressive, and a million miles from the 'cut and paste' reports so prevalent in the financial sector.  We feel in very safe hands.

I've been delighted with the help Metis Wealth have given our family. We're completely disorganised and Gordon makes sure we focus on the important matters and keeps the admin as simple as possible. The personal service we receive is exceptional.

Partner, EY

We were introduced to Joel five years ago. He has helped us immensely – putting our legacy/sporadic investments into shape, advising on the key issue of tax planning and helping us set understandable and achievable retirement targets. He has also demystified many of the issues surrounding good financial planning. We’d thoroughly recommend him. Oh, and it helps that he’s a really nice bloke too!

DJ (Writer), JH (Commercial Director)

Joel Wormald approached me a few years ago at a time when my financial planning was not at the forefront of my mind and I had had a series of bad experiences with IFAs. Through a series of sensible and “hard fact” meetings, Joel quickly won my trust and has put together a series of investments that work for our family taking into account our immediate needs with the children and my wife’s and my long-term planning. Joel is incredibly efficient and diligent and approaches all our discussions in such a pro-active and collaborative way that I view him as a trusted adviser on whom I will rely for many years to come.  I would recommend Joel to anyone.

Partner, Pilsbury

I enjoy my regular updates with Joel – he is always at least two steps ahead of me on what needs discussing, he’s a great listener and thinks through carefully what is best for me and my circumstance. I know he’ll keep me posted on anything new or changing, I get great confidence from his thoroughness and extensive knowledge.

Business Owner

I was introduced to Joel by a friend some years ago. Joel has been very helpful in researching the numerous pension schemes that I had in place, having been in both employment and self-employment, and coming towards retirement. With the relaxation on rules for withdrawal, the bewildering range of options has been painstakingly explained to me by Joel and we have a plan in place that takes advantage of all the changes!

Retired Director

Joel Wormald has been advising me for some years now and I have come to trust him without question. I have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and family. He is extremely efficient, quick to understand my concerns and to explain possible options clearly. I find him very approachable and supportive, characteristics I particularly value as, in addition to my own finances, I am responsible for those of my husband who is unwell.


I have worked with Joel for over 10 years and he has been an invaluable support. He epitomises the concept of an independent financial advisor – advice is clear and focused and always relevant to my needs in the context of my long-term goals. He is very happy to take the time to explain the reasons for recommendations and as a result I have a great deal of trust in his advice. He is also very responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would thoroughly recommend him.

Partner, Eversheds

We have known Joel Wormald for the five years since we retired from full-time salaried employment and set up a limited company. During a difficult transition period, Joel has helped us untangle a fragmented investment and pension portfolio, focus on tax planning and longer term retirement objectives. He has also been a valuable source of independent advice on personal and company taxation issues. He is always quick to respond to questions and provides clear, informed advice constantly – Joel’s support has been unique and most welcome. Joel has a very personable manner too, which gives us confidence in working with him as well as sharing business and family issues.

Managing Director

I was introduced to Simon by a friend who recommended him to me. I had made various investments over the years through a number of financial advisers. However, I have found it a little difficult to keep track of all the investments. I wanted to work with someone who could give me good advice and take charge of investments with me understanding better where the money is going and why. I feel Simon fully listens to my family's immediate needs and long-term plans and has tailored his recommendations to suit me. Simon is very approachable and I have been very happy with the service he has provided and look forward to us continuing to work together over the coming years.

Dental Practice Owner

Simon Arthur has been the ideal financial adviser to my husband and me over several years. He (and his back office team) helped me sort out a multiplicity of separately invested pension 'pots' as I approached retirement, and oversaw a transition of all my investments to suit my changed income requirements and tax situation. Meetings with Simon always make us feel that we are in well-informed safe hands.

Former Management Consultancy Partner

The reasons I have Joel Wormald as my IFA are threefold. My trust in his judgement, his professionalism and his integrity.


Since meeting Joel through my employer’s pension advisory scheme 7 years ago I have found him to be the best financial adviser I have come across in over 30 years of taking advice in one way or another so I have continued to use him through both his new roles and mine. He has been easy to develop a rapport with and is very proactive at helping us plan investments and pension provision, having agreed goals and risk profiles. He is confident and articulate in his subject and is able to explain complicated financial legislation in an easy to understand way. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.


I was introduced to Joel Wormald in 2013 during the sale of my business. Since that time, Joel has reorganised our funds so that they are in a more balanced environment and he has reduced the cost of managing them. Over and above that Joel is a delightful person who encouraged us to retire and enjoy our time, assuring us that we have enough funds in hand to last us. A less principled IFA would want us to work forever contributing to a pension fund from which we would probably never benefit. Joel gives us regular updates. He doesn’t hide the truth from us.

Retired Surveyor

Simon Arthur has been our financial adviser for many years now. My own knowledge of financial affairs is limited, but Simon is able to explain our options in simple terms, as well as in a more structured fashion to my wife. Simon retains a depth of knowledge of our affairs: we never have to tell him the same thing twice. His preparation is faultless. We have confidence he has our best interests at heart, and never tries to sell us anything which might not be for us. I would without hesitation recommend Simon to friends and colleagues.

Anglican Clergy

I have been advised by Metis Wealth since joining EY.  Whereas I have found the attempts of other advisers to contact me to be a little pushy and sales-driven, I have found the Metis Wealth style to be empathic, extremely knowledgeable and focused on long-term planning without a pushy style.

EY Partner

I had absolutely no hesitation in continuing to use Simon Arthur as my independent financial adviser when he established Metis Wealth. Metis Wealth bring me a personal service which is responsive, independent and reliable to support a number of very important investment decisions for the benefit of me and my family.

EY Partner

Metis Wealth has provided good performance analysis of managed funds in my SIPP and FURBS, considered interpretation, and well-reasoned recommendations. They have also given good advice on legislative changes affecting my pensions, and have also provided efficient administrative services. I have confidence in their competence, and have been happy to recommend them to friends and family.

Retired General Manager and Managing Director of International Bank

Simon is the consummate financial professional: level-headed, well-informed, diligent, trustworthy and able to explain complicated matters with great clarity.  He is friendly and easy to talk to. He makes himself available whenever he is needed, always putting clients first. Knowing that he and his team are in our corner worrying about our portfolios allows us to relax about it all and get on with our lives.

Retired KPMG Partner

Joel has looked after my investments for 10 years. I have been continuously impressed and reassured by the calm professional but caring way in which he has looked after my needs and those of my family. He has always explained the complex world he knows so well, but I know so little about, in a way I have understood – but never in a patronising manner. He has replied to queries efficiently and promptly, even on weekends and during evenings. I believe he has my best interests at heart, despite being part of a business, and I would unreservedly recommend him to future clients.

Retired Teacher

Simon Arthur has been my financial adviser now for a number of years. With the recommendations he has given me over these years, my investments have grown as planned. He provides a service that I have found to be very professional, informative and above all successful with regards to advice given to me. It's reassuring to know that I can leave my financial decisions with regards to pensions and investments to Simon.

Business Owner

I have had quite a few financial advisers during my career but have now instructed George Delaney for six years. The reason why I have done so is that I trust him to have only my best interests in mind when giving me advice. He's also a likeable man who knows his stuff.

Barrister, Crown Office Chambers

Joel has been our financial adviser for over ten years and has been a real asset in helping us steer a mean course during volatile times in the market. His down-to-earth manner has provided us with great comfort in knowing that our finances were being well managed during stressful house purchases and moves between jobs and continents. We could not recommend him highly enough.


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