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Your Bespoke Plan

The majority of new clients feedback to us that they have yet to fully understand their current position in relation to how this will meet their future aspirations.

Creating Your Bespoke Plan

By creating Your Bespoke Plan, Metis Wealth will assist in providing you with a clear indication of how your current planning will either meet or fall short of your personal long-term goals and advise you on what needs to be put in place to deal with any shortfall.

Advances in technology mean that we are now able to graphically illustrate your financial planning and model numerous ‘what if’ scenarios to help in this decision-making process. This helps our clients to understand why they are making a particular choice now and the impact this has on their future rather than a focus on the immediate benefit.

Your financial adviser will constantly update this plan with your input to ensure it reflects any changes in your circumstances as part of our review process.

Areas where the plan provides answers:

  • At what age will I be able to retire?
  • How much net income will I have during my retirement?
  • How will I achieve my goal of financial freedom?
  • How will I fund for my children’s education?
  • How much can I gift to my children without affecting my own retirement plans?
  • When will I be mortgage free?
  • How long will my current income stream last in retirement?
  • What happens if I am no longer around to provide for my family?

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